How long is the Tuff Tumblers program?
Our standard class length is one half hour for Gymnastics/Sports and one half hour for Soccer. New and exciting lesson plans are offered consecutively year-round.  Please check with your child's school for specific schedule information.

How old does my child have to be?
Our classes are developed for children ages 2 and up.

Can my child join in the middle of the session?
Absolutely! Pro-rated tuition is available. Please contact us to confirm your child's start date & adjusted tuition cost.

When will the new session begin?
Updated information is posted regularly on the Tuff Tumblers display at your child's facility. Please call us if you have further questions.

What days do you teach?
Please contact Tuff Tumblers at (925) 551-8900 to confirm the schedule at your child's school. The class schedule is approved by the facility your child attends and posted on the Tuff Tumblers display.

How can I find out how my child is performing in the class?
Tuff Tumblers enrichment programs are non-competitive & recreation-based. For the Tuff Tumblers Gymnastics/Sports program, we provide a detailed newsletter of what your child has learned and experienced during that session. You can also request additional feedback from your child's coach by leaving them a written note or contacting us.

Can you provide videos or photos of the class?
Our staff must give full attention to safely conducting class. Tuff Tumblers does not acquire the legal permission to photograph or video students. We do, however, maintain our open-door policy in harmony with each facility's protocol. You are welcome to observe your child in class as allowed by the school.

What payments are accepted?
You can pay by check or credit card. Please make all payments payable to "Tuff Tumblers".

My child won't be able to attend the full session. Can I still sign him/her up?
Prorated tuition is available.  Please call for more information.

My child missed class. Can I get a make-up class or refund?
Tuff Tumblers does not offer make-up classes or refunds.

Can Tuff Tumblers come to my child's school?
Please contact us at (925) 551-8900 for more information.

How can I be sure my child will enjoy the class and is ready for this kind of activity?
We understand such concerns and invite you to attend a FREE TRIAL CLASS! New students are welcome to attend one free trial class at anytime during our regularly scheduled lesson plan. Please click on the link below to print out a Free Trial Registration form.

Once you have completed the printed form, submit it in the Tuff Tumblers tuition envelope or to your child's school office. When our staff arrives to conduct class they will receive the form and include your child. After class the instructor will provide written feedback regarding participation and further registration information.