We are thrilled to have your child learn and play Soccer with Tuff Tumblers! With a soccer ball at each participant's feet, every student will have as much opportunity as possible to develop their love for this exciting and popular sport in a recreational, non-competitive setting!

What will my child experience in a Tuff Tumblers' Soccer Class?

SOCCER SKILLS: Introduction to dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, ball control, trapping, scoring goals and more! New and fun age specific soccer drills are introduced in every lesson plan!

FITNESS SKILLS: High energy fitness games are played in each class! This includes activities that help build balance, coordination, speed and agility!

GROUP ACTIVITIES: Students learn to work together as developmentally appropriate group and team concepts are introduced. Your child will become familiar with the rules of the game, concepts of offense and defense, and player awareness.

POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT: Our coaches strive to encourage increased confidence, cooperation, self esteem, and a "YES, I CAN!" attitude in each and every student. As a team we work together and learn to show respect and sportsmanship! Every Soccer class concludes with a review of the lesson plan for that day. Coaches also provide a Soccer stamp and Soccer sticker to every child at the end of class.

How will I know my child is progressing in Soccer?

Here are some skills points we look for with each student ...

        • Can they play without the desire to use their hands?
        • Can they stop the ball and/or change direction with their feet?
        • Can they keep the ball in the field of play?
        • Can they keep the ball close to the body?
        • Can they turn direction of ball to attack the correct goal?

What does my child need to join a Tuff Tumblers' Soccer Class?

Please dress your child in comfortable clothing and closed-toed shoes to participate. See our Tuff Tumblers' Soccer display for information regarding class schedules at your child's facility. As Soccer sessions are available continually through-out calendar year, your child is welcome to enroll at anytime - pro-rated tuition is available! Please note if Soccer class is cancelled due to weather our session will be extended a week or a makeup class may be scheduled.