Tuff Tumblers is a non-competitive gymnastic and sports enrichment program that offers classes - once a week - at your child's facility. Every session we offer a new lesson plan featuring a different skill focus and exciting new equipment. Each class includes warm-ups, tumbling, cooperative games and challenging exercises using our colorful equipment. Small class sizes ensure each child receives individual attention and encouragement to let their Tuff Tumblers' Spirit shine!

What will my child experience in a Tuff Tumblers Class?
Each class will include a variety of the following:

GYMNASTIC SKILLS: Age appropriate introduction to cartwheels, floor exercises, forward rolls,handstands, and more! For every class we provide high-quality Tumble Mats, Balance Beams, Wedge and Barrel Tumble Mats, among dozens of other pieces to instruct gymnastic and tumble skills in a safe and healthy environment!

SPORT FITNESS SKILLS: Your child will be introduced to a wide variety of sports skills including Basketball, Calisthenics, Golf, Football, and Soccer! With new sports activities each week students learn to focus on skills such as agility, balance, eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness and so much more!

GROSS MOTOR GROUP ACTIVITIES: Tuff Tumblers classes are action packed and high energy! Our lesson plans include obstacle courses, relay races, and parachute games to keep every child engaged and having fun.

POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT: Our experienced instructors adapt to each student's needs while challenging them in a way that inspires self-confidence, teamwork and a "YES, I CAN" attitude! Every Tuff Tumblers class concludes with a review of the lesson plan for that day. Coaches also provide a stamp and sticker to every child at the end of class.

What does my child need to join a Tuff Tumblers Class?
Please dress your child in comfortable clothing to participate. See our Tuff Tumblers display for information regarding class schedules at your child's facility. As sessions are available continually throughout the calendar year, your child is welcome to enroll at anytime - pro-rated tuition is available!